Sunday, December 8, 2019

Patient Centered Care Canada

Question: Describe about the patient centered care in Canada? Answer: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute plays an important role in the society. This Institute is not for a profit institute. The awareness and the execution of idea is increasing day- by- day via the Canadian Patient Safety Institute in patient safety. The patient is inspired remarkably to reach a modification by Canadian Patient Safety Institute. The Canadian patients are visualized via Canadian Patient Safety Institute (, 2015). And the Canadian patients are motivated remarkably for the development in safety and standard of patient. The government, health care providers health care leader and health organization are asked to join with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. The proof- based tools and facilities are provided by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to develop the safety of a patient. For the residents, patients and customer the standard of care of patient is improving by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. And the inspiration is provided to the patients for their safety tools. There are some key constituents for the Canadian medical home. It is based on the patient- centered to encounter the scope of health requirement. And requirements are experienced by the patient for life time. An individual family physician is needed for each patient. The team based care is required for the patient. And the requirements are inter professional co-operation that inserts the family physician of the patient and also alternative health physician and intra professional co-operation between individual family physician of patient and alternative health physician with particular interest and ability (patient centered primary care in canada, 2015). It is important to visit the physician primarily to care for best trained service. The major criteria for the best service is to consult the personal physician face- to- face or via electronic communications. The continuous care is needed a patient by the family physician. The health record is d ocumented and this record is kept for life time. It is mandatory to provide all evidence of the patient due to visit the family physician. Now-a-Days the electronic medical care is very much useful for the Canadian people. Appropriate funding and payment is very important to carry the medical home and its professional group numbers (Constand, MacDermid, Bello-Haas, Law , 2011). Ongoing assessment is very important for Canadian medical home. Standard development is very useful for the Canadian medical home. Every family application and main care setting is very necessary in Canada. The chance of education and support is given to the Canadian patient to progress a patient- centered medical home which encounter the requirement of its patient population. Organizations, government and health authorities are demanded in protecting access for patients to care medical services primarily (Acton, 2013). The college of Family Physician of Canada should work with the patients, public and govern ment to carry the institutions. The idea of a medical home is getting strength in many countries, especially in Canada. This is explained as the setting of patient centered medical care. And the features of the patient centered medical care are the medical care is provided by the personal physician of a patient, entire care is provided to the patient, the care of patient is co-operated by inter professional team. References Acton, A., (2013).Issues in Quality in healthcare and quality of life. Scholary editions. [Online] Available at [Accessed 11 March 2015]. Constand, M. K., MacDermid, J. C., Bello-Haas, V. D. , and Law, M., (2014). Scoping review of patient-centred care approaches in healthcare. BMC Health Services Research.[Online] Available at[Accessed 11 March 2015]. Leatherman, S. and Sutherland, K. (2010).Quality of healthcare in Canada. Ottawa, Ont.: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. patient centered primary care in canada. (2015). [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2015]., (2015).Canadian Patient Safety Institute. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2015].

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