Monday, February 3, 2020

Inside a Computer Laboratory Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Inside a Computer Laboratory - Lab Report Example Some offer specialized functions such as transaction processing, discrete mathematics, statistical data analysis while others simply offer an internet connection. Additionally, computers can use for gaming and entertainment and develop software. Purchasing a laboratory or business PC can be sometimes a frightening experience and sometimes very confusing. When making the purchase, it is probable that you will have a general idea of what you may want in the PC and how you would like to make the configurations work for you. Computer systems as you may be aware consist of both software and hardware. The hardware components are tangible components of the system: main memory, CPU, peripherals such as a monitor, video display etc. The software part is the set of instructions that define what the actions of the computer hardware (Alagar and Peryasammy 2011). Typically a computer requires both the system software In the process of purchasing it is important to that you ask yourself some quest ions regarding the computer specification. First, you need to list down how the computer is going to be used. Secondly, the software that will be used can follow and here you determine whether any specialized functions are going to be used. ... The ICT department decided to purchase Desktop PCs with the following specifications: Central processing unit AMD, Hard Drive Storage - 80 Gigabytes Random Access Memory - 4GB SDRAM Hard Disk Speed: (5400 RPM) Visual display unit -Graphics Card. Motherboard Monitor – Liquid crystal display. Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Desktop Case Optical Drive: DVD Reader and Writer Justifying the above selection. Central Processing Unit (CPU) - AMD A highly effective processor assists the computer to function optimally. The CPU is the center or brain of the computer and it executes and controls the highest percentage of the work done by the PC. CPUs are major of two types; Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel processors and the procurement manager in the ICT department made the choice from the options. CPUs are commonly defined by their processing speed and power- gigahertz (GHz) or in megahertz (MHz) - and this directly refers to the number of commands and operations they can execute per second (Shiva 2007). The higher the processing speed value, the faster and more efficient the PC will perform and it follows that it will be more expensive. The most recent dual-core CPUs have two processors embedded on a single chip and they operate more efficiently at lower speeds, for example, AMD’s Athlon X2 CPU and Intel’s Pentium family. Most recently more scalable and powerful processors that use a 64 Bit internal architecture, compared to the previous 32 Bit internal architecture models, have been deployed in the market. Computers built with a Dual-core CPU can perform comparatively faster than those using Mono-core processors, specifically when multitasking. It is therefore advisable to make the choice of computers

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