Saturday, November 2, 2019

Human Resources #5 -Due Nov 13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Resources #5 -Due Nov 13 - Essay Example This is highly recommended at lower levels at Abbott Laboratories where knowledge and skills count most to deliver the best products to customers. On the job training can be delivered at the work place itself, as it keeps the focus on the need to upgrade or sharpen the skills in the same area of activity. It will be cost effective as well. This kind of training is most useful at all levels, especially for the new entrants. OJT can be delivered in classrooms as well. The informal way of on the job training fosters better employee relations as well. ‘Special Assignments’ similarly give lower-level executives firsthand experience in working on actual problems. Behavior modeling involves showing trainees the right way of doing something, letting trainees practice that way, and then giving feedback on the trainees’ performance. Modeling is one of the effective ways of learning. Trainees watch films or videos that show models behaving effectively in a problem situation. Role playing will also be very helpful as trainees are given roles to play in a simulated situation. This improves interpersonal skills among the employees. By social reinforcement, the trainer strengthens the learning by complimenting and praising. It helps gaining confidence and getting recognition. When the trained employees carry their learning to the work place by using their updated skills, they will show improved performance. Behavioral methods are more of giving practical training to the trainees. The various methods under Behavioral approach allow the trainee to behavior in a real fashion. These methods are best used for skill development. Any training method that helps building strong teams is of great value to every organization, especially for Abbott Laboratories with its global presence. Team work is the life of an organization. Effective team building techniques are immensely helpful for fostering team spirit and

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