Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Media violence and sex Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Media violence and sex - Research Paper Example Sex and violence in media have increased to a very large extent ever since the inception of modern technologies. A different perspective is needed in order to extract a sense of reality out of films and movies. This vice has also been spreading to various forms of print media such as magazines and periodicals (Fedorov, 57). The blatant approach of presenting sex and violence by media has been coming under heavy criticism. For instance, the following quote might explain better - â€Å"in 1968, the Supreme Court held in Ginsberg v. New York that material not deemed obscene for adults may nonetheless be considered obscene with respect to minors† (Kotrla, 50). Parents and guardians around the world argue that influence of media can structure the moral views of the future world. There is little tolerance for sex and violence among parents, and so media needs to consider making changes. The current generation of children can imbibe unethical behaviour from the lessons they acquire from the media and consider such behavior as normal. A more subtle approach towards portraying these vices is necessary to secure a bright future for children. In addition, children need education on how to view sex and violence portrayed in the media to protect them from harmful impacts (Kotrla, 51). The root of media sex and violence can be found in the 1950s movies. It was during this period that movies were introduced to the public. Helped by technological progress, majority of the initial films were documentaries and action movies that would appeal to the public. The films would follow definite formats and provide entertainment to general audiences. With media becoming a profitable venture, heavy investments resulted in enhanced quality of films. According to Fedorov, with growing demand for reality in quality of movies, the inception of real life concepts such as sex and violence became inevitable (Fedorov, 38). Ever since media has been synonymous with providing

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